Emulators - AmigaOS

Several entries previously listed have been archived and will not be actively maintained in future. See the archive page for details. There are 4 emulators currently listed for the AmigaOS:

  • ASp - Amiga SPectrum Emulator v0.82b

    Emulates: 48K / 128K / +2 ZX Spectrums.
    Tape/Disk Formats: Loads .sna, .z80 v1 - v3, .sp, .tap and .tzx files. Saves to .sna, .sp and .z80 v2 files.
    Requirements: 68020 with MMU, Workbench/Kickstart v3.0, mmu.library v43, 2Mb memory.
    Created by: Ian Greenway.
    Last updated: June 22nd, 2002

    Comments: Also emulates the Kempston, Cursor and Sinclair Joystick Interfaces. Original ROM files are not included, but can be downloaded here. Various distributions are available, both with and without documentation. These, and a 48K only version can be downloaded from the ASp web site.

  • x128 v0.9b

    Emulates: 48K / 128K / +2 / +2A / +3 ZX Spectrums, and the Russian Pentagon and Scorpion machines.
    Tape/Disk Formats: Loads .sna files.
    Requirements: 68060 and Graphics Card recommended.
    Created by: Paul Hill and James McKay.
    Last updated: March 2nd, 1999.

    Comments: Paul has also ported some of the most popular utilities (SnapConv, PlayTZX, etc.) to AmigaOS. Please see his Spectrum Utilities page for more information.

  • ZX-Live v0.16b

    Emulates: 48K ZX Spectrum.
    Tape/Disk Formats: Loads .sna, .z80 and .tap files.
    Requirements: Unknown.
    Created by: Dmitriy Zhivilov.
    Last updated: April 1st, 2003.

    Comments: Original ROM files are not included with the emulator, and must be downloaded separately.

  • ZXAM v2.0

    Emulates: 48K ZX Spectrum.
    Tape/Disk Formats: Loads .sna, .sp, .z80 files directly, others via Arexx script. Saves .sna and .sp files (.tap via script).
    Requirements: Kickstart 2.04 and 68020 or above.
    Created by: Toni Pomar.
    Last updated: September 30th, 1997.

    Comments: Original cassettes can be loaded via a custom cassette interface. Incomplete and no longer actively in development.