Emulators - Non-English Language

There are 3 emulators currently listed for Russian speakers:

  • UKV v1.2 - Fix #5

    Emulates: 48K / 128K ZX Spectrums.
    Tape/Disk Formats: .trd, .fdi, .dsk, .tap files.
    Requirements: MS-DOS.
    Created by: K. Uglekov (patches by Max Piwamoto).
    Last updated: April 30th, 2000

    Comments: Utilities are included that allow .fdi and .trd files to be manipulated, and .fdi files to be created from the Command Prompt. Extensive documentation is included (no English translation provided).

  • Unreal Speccy v0.22 Beta

    Emulates: Pentagon 128K / 512K / 1024K and 48K ROM, Scorpion 256K / 1024K and 64K ROM, Profi 1024 with extensions.
    Tape/Disk Formats: Loads .tap, .tzx .sp, .sna and .z80 (all versions), .fdi, .scl, .td0, .udi and .csw files. Saves .sna, .trd, .fdi, .udi, .td0, .wav, .vtx files.

    Requirements: Microsoft Windows NT4.0 / 2000 specified, previous versions untested/unsupported. Reportedly works works with Wine under Linux. DirectX required - no minimum version specified.

    Created by: SMT.
    Last updated: February 11th, 2003

    Comments: Also emulates the Beta 128 Disk Interface. Features a tape browser and fully customizable keyboard. Screen images can be saved as .scr or Bitmap files. Disk files can be converted between any supported formats automatically. Includes integrated debugger and various on-screen performance displays (active devices, etc.)

  • ZX-Emul v0.19b

    Emulates: 128K ZX Spectrum, Pentagon 128K compatible timing.
    Tape/Disk Formats: .z80, .sna, tap, .rom, .bin, partial .tzx
    Requirements: Microsoft Windows 98/Me.
    Created by: Vladimir Yudin.
    Last updated: April 9th, 2003

    Comments: Also emulates the Kempston Joystick Interface, and all Z80 instructions (inc. undocumented). Features an integrated debugger - see the documentation for details. Also available for MS-DOS.

There are 3 emulators currently listed for Spanish speakers:

  • ZXSpectr v3.1b2

    Emulates: 16K* / 48K / 128K / +2 / +2A ZX Spectrums. Investronica Spectrum+
    Tape/Disk Formats: .tap, .sp and .zx files.
    Requirements: MS-DOS
    Created by: Cesar Hernandez Bano.
    Last updated: 22nd March, 2003

    Comments: Several tape conversion utilities are included in the distribution, and source code is available. Emulates the Kempston Joystick. Does not emulate contended memory. +2 emulation is available in English/French/Spanish languages (ROM images are included) Documentation available in English and Spanish languages.

    * - 16K ZX Spectrum emulation is incomplete.

  • Bacteria v1.70

    Emulates: 48K ZX Spectrum.
    Tape/Disk Formats: Loads .tap files.
    Hardware requirements: Minimal - essentially any system capable of running MS-DOS.
    Created by: Antonio Josť Villena Godoy.
    Last updated: December 12th, 2001

    Comments: Only 3K in size (plus ROM file), this is the smallest functional ZX Spectrum emulator available. Documentation is included (not English)

  • Es.pectrum v0.6b2

    Emulates: 16K / 48K / 128K/ +2 and Spanish ZX Spectrums.
    Tape/Disk Formats: Loads and saves .sna, .sp and .z80 files. Loads .tap, .tzx, .dsk, .wav and .voc files.
    Requirements: Microsoft Window 95/98/Me/2000/XP. DirectX 7. Also works with Wine under Linux Red Hat 7.2
    Created by: Javi (Spanish preferred).
    Last updated: 15th September, 2002

    Comments: Emulates the Kempston, Cursor, Fuller and Sinclair Joystick Interfaces, Lightgun and Gunstick interfaces. The current beta version includes incomplete Pentagon and Scorpion emulation, and has preliminary .rzx file support. Also available in English.