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Philip Kendall - Sun Grid Engine

The basic startup instructions for using Sun Grid Engine at the Institute of Astronomy are given in the IoA user guide (accessible only from the IoA or MRAO for some reason); this page is intended to be a few hints and tips once you've read that.

Due to a rather bizarre design decision[3] on the part of Sun, `qsh' doesn't work straight out of the box (at least for local logins on our system). If your `$DISPLAY' environment variable is set to `:0.0' or `localhost:0.0', change it to being `<host name of your machine>:0.0' (eg `cass45:0.0' if you happen to be me), and things may start working again. I'd appreciate any feedback on the success of this workaround.

You may also like to see Richard's SGE page, which say much the same as here, but in a more user-friendly fashion.

[1] It's possible to change this magic string via the `-C' command line option. I'd advise doing this only if you're using an interpreter which doesn't recognise `#' as a comment character though.

[2] The default for the -M option (which is <userid>@<machine you ran `qsub' from>) doesn't work. (If you really want to know why, it's because most of the machines in the department don't run an MTA, and they don't have MX records).

[3] Not doing the workaround automatically like most other programs manage to do...

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