[Core War]

Philip Kendall - Ilmari

After Ilmari Karonen announced Ilmari's Mini-Tournament #1, I realised that none of the standard utilities were capable of working out what would be a successful warrior in the Tournament, without needing vast amounts of runtime. Therefore, a quick afternoon's hacking around produced ilmari.c, a little ANSI C program which would do that job for me. The input to the program should be a sequence of lines:

1. The name and arguments of the MARS simulator to use (typically `pmars -b -r 100')
2. The number of warriors to be included in the battle (n).
3 - (n+2). The filenames of the warriors to be fought.

The output of the program, which is all written to standard output, first consists of the results of each battle, followed by the total scores so far (unsorted). The lowest scoring warrior is then removed, and the new scores are displayed (still unsorted). This continues until only one warrior, the winner, is left.

Sorry, no DOS binaries available as I don't have a DOS compiler here at university; I'll try and make one available if I get some requests, but personally I don't think it's too likely.

This program is covered by the GNU General Public License. If you do not accept these conditions, please do not download this program

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