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Several people provided updated information, technical guidance and material support during the production of this FAQ, including:

Erik Kunze, Fredrick Meunier, Philip Kendall, Jack Boatwright, William Anderson, Martijn van der Heide, Jonathan Needle, Paul Dunn (Dunny), Andrew Owen, Chris Cowley, Andrew Barker, Mal Franks, Chris Young, Benedikt Rochow, Geoff Wearmouth, Jarek Adamski, Alan Maxwell, Rich Mellor, Colin Woodcock, Bethany Jane Carlton, Dusko Lolic and Jörg Pleumann.

Previous versions of this FAQ were maintained by:

  • Bethany Jane Carlton
    Bethany was responsible for the versions of the FAQ released in January and May 2003.

  • Andy Davis
    Contact Andy.

  • Andrew Owen
    Andrew is a professional writer, and is responsible for (among other things) the SE Basic project. Andrew contributed the updated channels & streams entries and the Timex Reference & ZX Spectrum SE pages. Contact Andrew.

  • Damien Burke
    Damien maintained versions of this FAQ published between 1995 and 1997. Visit his personal web site or Contact Damien.

  • Marat Fayzullin
    Last known to be studying for a PhD in Computer Science, Marat maintained versions of this FAQ published up until 1995. Visit his personal web site or Contact Marat.