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  • Authors & Companies
    Several companies founded during the early 1980s are still inbusiness today, and many autors of classic software maintain their own websites. This section contains links to the most commonly requested and reliably maintained of these.

  • Documentation
    Commonly requested documentation for many systems and peripherals. Includes User Guides, Service Manuals, etc.

  • FTP Sites
    A comprehensive list of all known FTP sites, including details of any access requirements or restrictions that may apply.

  • Hardware and Peripherals
    Contains details of original Sinclair hardware, including all models of the ZX Spectrum, Timex Computers, etc. A short list of peripherals is provided, with details of the ZX Interface I, ZX Interface II, various Printers and many other popular accesories.

  • Reference Information
    A comprehensive set of reference information is available, with sections dedicated to the discussion of the various BASIC languages used in many models, Emulator File Formats, Hardware Ports and Pin Configurations, the Zilog Z80A processor, etc.

  • IRC Channels, Mailing Lists, Newsgroups, User Groups, Web Forums.
    Sinclair-related IRC Channels, Mailing Lists, Newsgroups, Web Forums and User Groups, including contact information and details of any access requirements that may apply.

  • Links
    A list of the most popular Sinclair sites, often recommended by members of the comp.sys.sinclair newsgroup.

  • Spare Parts
    Suppliers of spare parts for Sinclair products.

  • Utilities
    Spectrum-related software for use on modern hardware.

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