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Philip Kendall - CheckBasic

2002 July 29: if you are thinking of doing anything with CheckBasic, please consider looking at Basic instead, which is a BASIC interpreter. Adding syntax checking would be very trivial.

CheckBasic is a program which will check that a Spectrum BASIC listing in a text file is valid BASIC. This was inspired by a request on comp.sys.sinclair for a program to make error-checking OCR'd scanned listings from magazines easier. CheckBasic is currently very much in the alpha stage of development, and there are probably a whole load of bugs left in it. Known bugs/problems include:

Improvements for version 0.03:

The input for CheckBasic is fairly simple: a plain text file, with one BASIC line per line of the text file. The only vaguely non-obvious conversion from the Speccy's character set to the PC's is the exponentiation character (up arrow, symbol shift+H, character 94 or 5Eh) is mapped to the caret (^). All input is read from standard input, whilst all normal output is to standard output, with errors going to standard error.

CheckBasic is written in Bison (I think it should work with yacc) and C, and is available for download in two forms:

The DOS executable will require a DPMI server to run; see here for details.

Please note that this program is covered by the GNU General Public License. If you do not accept these conditions, please do not download this program.

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