Philip Kendall - The Sinclair Spectrum

This is a collection of various things related to the Sinclair Spectrum. If you don't alreayd know what one is, you probably won't be too interested in what's here, but you never know...

There isn't actually too much on this page; if you're looking for general information on the Spectrum, read the comp.sys.sinclair FAQ (mirrored on this site). There are a few specialised things here, though:

Fuse - the Free Unix Spectrum Emulator

Spectrum 2.0

comp.sys.sinclair / ZX Spectrum FAQ

The Spectrum ROMs collection

The Unofficial Recreated ZX Spectrum FAQ

Spectrum Instructions Project

There were previously two other mini-projects for WoS hosted here, the In-Game Screens and Loading Screens projects, but they are now completed.

Data mining

A couple of bits of data mining from the World of Spectrum and SPOT*ON databases:


A few Spectrum-related utilities written by myself; all written in ANSI(-ish) C for your new computers, rather than utilities which run on the Speccy itself; mostly, these are 'proof of concept' type programs and/or not that generally useful.

Games Stuff

Out of date stuff

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