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Philip Kendall - Head over Heels walkthrough

Firstly, a quick note on directions: N is the direction you move in by pressing the key defined as 'up', S is 'down', E is 'right' and W is 'left'. Up and down are (I hope) obvious.

If you want to see this walkthrough in action, download the complete RZX file (383 Kb). You'll need an emulator which supports RZX v0.12, for example Fuse.

1. To the Marketplace

RZX file (85 Kb)

Get the bunny, teleport, S, D, S, W, hit the switch, get donuts, E, S, S, E (the easiest way to avoid the beacon is to stand on the spring), E, get hooter (the piles of blocks disintegrate - turn to the direction you want to go in before landing, and after getting the hooter, just go straight across), W, stand on spring, swap.

Teleport, W, jump onto the lift, N (don't get the fish yet), E. Use the Charles robot to push the block as far W as it will go, then position Charles about two squares east of the block, so that his front just begins to cover the spikes, then jump from block to Charles to conveyor belt and get the bag. Wait until you reach the far end of the conveyor, then just hold down jump and west to get back. W, get fish, N, avoid the mouse (run to the west wall, wait until the mouse reaches it, then run to the east wall. Now run backwards and forwards along this wall until the lift comes down; the mouse gets to approach a little every time you turn round, so don't make that run along the east wall too short, but if you get into a situation that your east-west distance from the mouse is less than your north-south distance, the mouse will return to moving east, which isn't what we want, so don't make that run too long either.) U, E, N, N, N, N. Run straight across the room (if the beacon gets too close, leave the room and start again) - the mouse should run into the bunny and get stuck, so long as you don't leave the far wall. U, N (the middle block disintegrates), N (stand on the far edge of the first spring), N (again, the middle block disintegrates), N. As the robot nearest to you hits the east wall, shove the crystal ball to hit the switch, N. Stand on the north-east edge of the platform and walk off to the north. This next room is pretty easy really - just remember that so long as you are standing on a block, you're completely safe from the beacon. Pile the blocks up next to the west door, and then go W, W, just block the robot with the edge of the spring, then jump over, W, D, swap.

Get fish, N, W, W, W, W, W (the middle blocks disintegrate), W. The section of divider in the middle row, one column away from the west wall disintegrates on touch, so do that, jump onto the donuts, then to the bunny, back towards where the donuts were and back through the divider. E, N, N, W (the drums are deadly), W (around the north edge of the landmines), W, W, stack up the blocks (stop pushing as each one reaches the conveyor), push the whole stack near the door, jump onto it and out N, get fish (the block at the base of the chimney disintegrates), N, D, E (don't get the bunny yet), N, join up, S, get the bunny, N, N.

2. To the Main Teleport Station

RZX file (61 Kb)

Move Charles to the near side. Separate and place Head on Charles. Move Charles to the far side and place Head between the joysticks. Move Charles back again, place Heels on Charles, move Charles across for the last time, join up, N, W, separate, take each character through, join up, W, W (just run straight across the room), N, N (go around the east side of the spikes to attract the attention of the helicopter, then run around the west side), D, separate.

Take Heels N, jump on the Hush Puppies, get drum, N. Get the further block and place it on the spikes next to the west wall. Repeat for the other block, jump onto conveyor, N, onto the spring (the first block disintegrates), get fish, onto the other spring, E (jump as you land), get bunny, E, N, teleport, other teleport, get bunny, teleport, W, W, W, S (watch out for the salt shaker), W, pile up drums, jump over mines, go the the north wall, W, get bunny, S (the easiest way is to jump on the robot if you have any double height jumps left), teleport, W, S, swap.

E, E, teleport, W, N (on the second jump, you must get right to the edge of the platform, or you hit your head and can't make it), join up, W.

3. Penitentary

RZX file (88 Kb)

(You can do the slave planets in any order you like, or you can of course ignore them altogether and just get back to Freedom)

S, teleport, separate, send Heels N, N, U (the first two floating blocks disintegrate; face into the wall when jumping from the spring). Make a 'stairway' to the south with the blocks, then jump off it onto the south side, U. Jump onto the square with the blocks piled on it (the other one disintegrates), get the top block and push the other one onto the dog. Run around to the north wall, four squares away from the west wall. Stand on the block you're carrying and when the dog reaches the corner, jump and carry, jump and you should end up on the upper level with the block. Go to the south corner, drop block, jump, U. Again, form a stairway to the east with the blocks and jump onto the lift, U, N, W, W, swap.

N, W, hit switch, jump onto the sandwich, wait, get off next to the exit, W, U, U (the one from last block disintegrates). Jump onto the block and off opposite the exit, W, N. Push the pile to the north, then jump facing west and fall onto the third drum. Fall off to the south, then instantly turn round and push the drum north onto the pile. Push the pile near to the north-west corner, climb it, U, U, N, E (note the fish is dead!), join up, jump with Head to get the donuts, N, N.

The Pit - if you do fall in, it's not the end of the world, just annoying; simply pile up all the blocks, with the spring on top and then jump so you end up on the edge of the screen. If you get too annoyed with the beacon, you can always donut it... run clockwise, separate, send Heels under, send Head under, join up, get the drum, stand on the platform, drop the drum. Push the drum onto the dog and stand on it. As you get near the other blocks, jump and carry, stand on the highest block, jump and carry, U. Get bunny, U (all the blocks apart from the one with the bunny on it and the one next to it disintegrate). Jump onto the lift (the three blocks leading to it all disintegrate, but you don't need to step on them anyway), U, jump to exit, N, onto the sandwich, jump off again when opposite the exit, E. Onto the sandwich, jump over the mines, land on the sandwich again, separate, Heels E, S, pile up the blocks, teleport, W (the sixth block disintegrates), get fish, teleport (the block before the teleport disintegrates), swap.

E, E, D (the drums are deadly), push the block near the (again deadly) drums, jump over, D, W (wait until the beacon is well out of the way before jumping down), W (don't teleport!). Place Head under where the sandwich will fall (next to the skeleton), get Heels push the sandwich down and then jump onto it. Using Head, move the whole pile to the north-east corner, where Heels can then jump and get the block. Move the pile to the south-east corner, and get Heels to push the sandwich onto the block. Join up, jump onto the sandwich, drop the block and finally get Head to jump and get the crown. Join up, N, teleport, S, teleport, N.

4. Safari

RZX file (93 Kb)

N, teleport, N. Wait until the sandwich passes the northern edge of the platform you're on. Get on. Get off at the next block and wait for the sandwich again. Get on. Get off at the exit, N, N. Go up to the west exit, separate, place Heels on Head, Heels W, W, W (4th block disintegrates), around the room (the 4th, 8th and 10th blocks disintegrate), E, N, get the bunny (the 3rd block disintegrates) and run like crazy: W, W, W (don't fall down here... if you do, it's not a disaster, but is annoying), W, push the drums under the block (they're deadly, but if you're still invincible you're OK; if you're not, use the drum on top), get bunny, W (this is where you'll reappear if you fell down), N (the 2th and 4th blocks along the north wall disintegrate), N (that double jump bunny is rather useful here), N (and again), get fish, swap.

N (the two sets of blocks don't line up...), N (3rd, 5th, 6th, 7th blocks), N, N. Stack the two drums up as normal, then push the spring half-way off, and jump whilst underneath it - the spring should now be on top of Head. Jump onto the drums, then jump off and do a rapid about-turn: the spring should fall onto the drums. Push the whole stack towards the chimney and jump off the top to get the bunny. N, W, send the sandwich S and then W (by facing in the appropriate direction), jump the mines, jump off onto the platform, W, W, N. Send the crystal ball S, W, N, W and jump onto it. Jump onto the divider, S, get the bunny, N, W, W, W (don't get the dead fish...), W (there are two ways to do this: the easy way - throw a donut at the mouse and the not quite so easy way - draw the mouse behind the mines and then jump over them), S, join up.

W. Use Charles to push the drum to the south-east corner, jump onto the drum, jump and carry back again. Move Charles onto the floor about half-way between the joysticks and the exit platform. Jump onto him and off onto the exit platform. Jump and carry, W, W, W, get drum, onto teleports, drop the drum, jump onto the blocks (surprisingly, none of these disintegrate), jump onto lift, U, E, jump off against the shields on the north wall (the block 2 squares west and those 1 and two squares north of the spikes disintegrate), D, N. The block 1 square away from the east wall in the far row disintegrates, so stand on that and shove the metal thing into its place. Use the drum to push the robot to the far set of blocks, then put the drum on the chimney and push it onto the robot's head. Jump onto the drum, and move as far north as possible without falling. Separate and move Head as far north as possible, then wait until this precarious looking stack is opposite the crown before jumping and getting the crown. Join up, S, W, teleport, teleport, S.

5. Book World

RZX file (84 Kb)

W, S, teleport. Heels S, S. Stack the two blocks up next to the gap in the pile of books. Push the top block half-way in, stand on the other, and then jump and carry so you're standing on the half a block you left sticking out. Jump and carry again, E, E (standard tactic for avoiding homing enemies), swap.

E, E (the middle section of conveyor between the toasters disintegrates), E (same again), E, S, S, join up, N, N, N, get fish (using Head), E, E, S, S (the blocks on the east wall disintegrate), S, S, S (just jump over the robot), separate, Head W, donut the beacon, swap, W, get donuts, Heels E, S. Push the middle book from the east stack inwards, get bunny, S, N (just to reset the screen), push book out again, push the top book from the single stack south, jump onto it, S, S (the last two books of the 'roof' disintegrate), swap.

W, W, W (just jump across), S, S, S, stand on the edge of the blocks orthogonal to the lift, jump onto the lift, U, E, E, get bunny, E, jump between the two rows of landmines, face either north or south, jump and instantly turn east, E, D (not that you get much choice :-)), join up, E. Move Charles east and push the spring onto the floor, followed by Charles. Put him somewhere near the door, get the spring, onto Charles and off again, E. Pile up the blocks, E, E (just jump the toasters), D (again, not much choice), D (don't teleport), N. Shove the book into the north-west corner and stand on it (if the beacons push it somewhere else, just leave and have another go). Using the two blocks and Heels, form a stairway to the south-east which Head can jump off the top of to get the crown. S, U, teleport, teleport, N.

6. Egyptus

RZX file (98 Kb)

N, teleport, separate, Heels W, get spring, back to the entrance platform, swap, W, join up, jump and carry in the middle of the room, W, W, N, W, use Head to push the third sandwich onto the other two, push the stack to the door, N, N, separate (you can't get the fish), Heels N, N, U (to get across the second gap, hit jump whilst running; the 4th and 6th blocks disintegrate), N, push block onto dog, cross, W, W, S, U, U, swap.

N, W, W, move Charles onto the lift, then onto the upper level of mines and push the sandwich onto the floor, followed by Charles onto the sandwich. Push the two of them next to the door and go N, jump onto the lift, teleport, get fish, teleport, U, U (jump from the edges of the first two blocks), U, join up (the third block for Heels disintegrates), W, W, N, get bunny (the second stack and the block before the bunny disintegrate), N, E, E, get bunny, W, N, get bunny, E, E (ignore the dead fish), E, D, D, E, D, separate, Head N, donut the beacon, place Head half-way across the gap in the blocks along the east wall, swap, N, push crystal ball N, get fish (with Head), join up, N. Move the drum one square north, then jump Head up to the upper level. Move Heels up the staircase using the drum, join up, put the spring on the drum and jump U, U, W (jump as soon as you enter - everything disintegrates), separate, Head W, donut the beacons, swap, W, Head up onto the first level, push the block down, join up, stand on the block, jump and carry, drop the block, and jump with Head to get the crown. E, teleport, E, E, teleport, S.

7. Blacktooth

RZX file (71 Kb)

W, W, separate, Heels N, W, teleport, N, N (just use the standard tactic), E (took me ages to find this...), N, teleport, W, get spring, swap.

S, W, teleport, N, N, E, join up, E, put Heels on top of Head, jump, jump up with Head, join up, E. From here, you can either go north to Freedom, or to Blacktooth: get the block and put it on top of Head, then push it onto the middle two landmines. Join up, jump onto the block, to the exit, E. The fourth section up in the south column disintegrates, so do that, and jump Head from Heels to get up. Push the block on top of the divider off to the west. Send Heels through by jumping him off a stack consisting of the block and Head, and then Head through by jumping him off the block, join up, E. Jump to the centre stack, then to the block on the north wall, back to the centre, to the south and finally to the south-east corner (the blocks in the centre and the south centre disintegrate). Drop the block and jump to the exit, E. Donut the gorilla somewhere out of the way, get the block and get Heels so that he is next to the chimney segment. Jump Head onto Heels and then up to the top, where he can push the block down. Form a stack with Head on the bottom, followed by the two blocks. Use Heels to push the top block so that it is next to the chimney segment. Jump and carry with Heels and end up on top of the block next to the chimney segment. Get Head up as well and join up. Drop the block Heels is carrying, then up to the top of the stack. Finally jump to the exit, S. The Emperor's Guardian is scared of you as you have liberated all four slave planets, so separate and send Head S. Donut the beacon and then move towards the Emperor before sending a donut in his direction as well (and don't ask me why the Emperor looks like a donut :-)). The last crown is hidden under the throne, but as Head has got the first four, we may as well let Heels get this one, so swap, S, get crown. You now become Emperor and are completely invulnerable! Join up, N, W, W, W.

8. To Freedom!

RZX file (65 Kb)

N, E, push the more easterly metal thing into the corner, freeing the lift, jump onto the lift, U. You can get this fish if you really want to, but a) you have to do the room below again, as the block next to it disintegrates and b) you're not going to lose any more lives, so don't waste your time... E, D, N, just run over the mines, separate, Head N, donut the beacon (but not on the north wall), swap, N, join up. Push Charles onto the metal thing (make sure a little sticks out over the west edge), onto the blocks and then next to the door. Jump onto Charles and W, cross over, separate, Heels W, along the Hush Puppies and stand on the blocks. Swap, W, send Head along the columns (which disintegrate), join up, onto the teleporter, teleport and you've reached Freedom. Wait whilst you have crystal balls shot at you (and fire donuts back if you get bored), and that's it!

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