Emulators - MS-DOS

There are 5 emulators currently listed for MS-DOS:

  • RealSpec v0.96.16

    Emulates: 16K / 48K / 128K / +2 / +2A / +3 ZX Spectrums. Didaktik, Pentagon and Scorpion clones.
    Tape/Disk Formats: .z80 (with Scorpion extensions), .sna, .slt, .sp, .tap, .tzx, .rzx, .wav, .csw, .mgt, .img (DISCiPLE/+D), .trd, .scl (TR-DOS), .mbd (MB-02+), .opd, .dsk, .d80, .mdr, .wdr, .air, .pok and .rom

    Requirements: 200 MHz Pentium / AMD equivalent. 8Mb RAM or above. MS-DOS, Windows 9x, Me, 2000 or XP (see comments)
    Created by: RamSoft
    Last updated: September 10th, 2002

    Comments: Undoubtedly the most comprehensive emulator available, RealSpec is also considered by many to be the most accurate. All undocumented features of the Z80A processor are precisely emulated, as is the behaviour of the flag register. Video modes are reproduced faithfully, and can be extensively configured.

    Also emulates the Multiface 1 / 128, Multiprint, the MGT DISCiPLE disc interface, the Opus Discovery, Rotronics Wafadrive, ZX Interface I (with networking support) and Microdrives, the Beta 128 disc interface, the Kempston Mouse, several different audio interfaces, and more. Audio is well emulated, and can be extensively configured. In addition to the file formats listed, RealSpec can load and/or save various audio, video and image files.

    Extensive (and superby detailed) documentation is included, with additional reference information for the emulator, supported hardware and file formats being available from the RamSoft web site. Versions suitable for use with AMD or Intel Pentium processors are available, as is a (reduced functionality) recompiled version for Microsoft Windows. The MS-DOS version will run under MS-DOS emulation on Microsoft Windows 2000 / XP platforms, with limitations (no sound) - use the recompiled version instead, or install a suitable sound-card emulator (see the RamSoft web site for further details).

  • x128 v0.94

    Emulates: 48K / 128K / +2 / +2A and +3 ZX Spectrums, Pentagon 128 and Scorpion 256. Partial emulation of the Russian Profi+ clones, the ZX Interface I and ZX81 is included.

    Tape/Disk Formats: .z80, .sna, .slt, .tzx, .tap, .trd, .dsk, .fdd, .fdi, .mgt, .scl, .d80, .pok , .000 files. Supports .voc audio formats. ZX81 emulation includes support for .p and .81 files.

    Requirements: MS-DOS. Pentium processor recommended.
    Created by: James McKay.
    Last updated: February 9th, 2002

    Comments: Includes emulation of the DISCiPLE and BetaDisk interfaces, Kempston, AMX, AY and Amiga mice, Multiface 128 and MF3, Kempston, Sinclair, Cursor and Fuller Joystick Interfaces. Screen images can be saved in .pcx format. Provides variable emulation speed (in %) and multiple video mode options. Also runs under MS-DOS emulation with Microsoft Windows 95, 98, Me. Will also work with NT4.0, 2000 and XP with VDMSound installed. Source code is available for v0.5, as is a Unix port (no longer in development) and AmigaOS.

  • Z80 v4.00

    Emulates: 48K / 128K ZX Spectrums.
    Tape/Disk Formats: .sna, .z80, .tap and .tzx files.
    Requirements: Essentially, any system capable of running MS-DOS.
    Created by: Gerton Lunter.
    Last updated: March 16th, 1999

    Comments: Also emulates the Currah ÁSpeech, ZX Printer, ZX Microdrive, DISCiPLE interface, Cheetah SpecDrum, Multiface 128 (includes ROMs), Kempston and Cursor Joystick Interfaces. Features an integrated assembler, disassembler and monitor with labels and multiple complex breakpoints. Screen images can be saved as .gif files. Extensively documented. A Windows version is also available. Released as Shareware, but apparently no longer regularly maintained.

  • Warajevo v2.5.1

    Emulates: 48K / 128K / +2 ZX Spectrums, Timex TS2068.
    Tape/Disk Formats: .tap (non-standard - see documentation), .blk, .spc, .ltp, .tzx, Museum .zxs, ZX32 .zxs, .zxt, .voc, .slt, .san 48/128, .sp, .prg, .sem, .sit, .snp, .mdr, .scr and .dck Automatic conversion of .voc, .sna, .slt, .blk and .snp files on open.

    Requirements: Minimal - essentially any stystem capable of running MS-DOS.
    Created by: Zeljko Juric and Samir Ribic (alternate)
    Last updated: November 25th, 1998

    Comments: Supports networking, emulates the ZX Interface I, ZX Printer and 128K ZX Spectrum MIDI connections. Very extensively documented (Bosnian and English) Released as Shareware, with Source code available on registration. Also runs under MS-DOS emulation (DOS Box) with Microsoft Windows 95, 98, Me. Will also work with NT4.0, 2000 and XP, but sound emulation is affected. There are several important pre-requisites described in the documentation that you should read carefully before running Warajevo through MS-DOS emulation.

  • Z80 Stealth v0.503

    Emulates: 128K ZX Spectrum, Pentagon 128/512, Scorpion ZS 256.
    Tape/Disk Formats: .z80, .sna, .slt, .sp, .prg, .ach, .sit, .tap, .trd and .scl files. Audio formats include .wav and .voc.
    Requirements: MS-DOS. Pentium 300 or above.
    Created by: Kirill Kolpakov.
    Last updated: December 25th, 2001

    Comments: Perfect sound emulation is claimed - note that this is one of the few emulators that supports the General Sound card. Incomplete emulation of the Russian Profi 1024 and KAY 1024 clones .z80 format is enhanced to support the Pentagon, Scorpion, KAY and Profi machines. Also runs under MS-DOS emulation with Microsoft Windows 95, 98 and Me. A collection of Games, Magazines and Demos are available from the Z80 Stealth web site.