Emulators - Linux / UNIX® (and derivatives)

Several entries previously listed have been archived and will not be actively maintatined in future. See the archive page for details. There are 5 emulators currently listed for Linux / UNIX® (and derivatives) platforms.

  • Fuse v0.7.0

    Emulates: 16K / 48K / 128K / +2 / +2A / +3 / +3e / SE ZX Spectrums, Timex TC2048 and TC2068, Pentagon 128 and Scorpion ZS 256.
    Tape/Disk Formats: Loads almost all available tape images (including .tzx), disk images and snapshots (including .szx and .z80). Saves .tzx, .tap, .szx, .z80, .sna, .trd, .dsk and .hdf files.
    Requirements: A version of UNIX with either X, SDL, SVGAlib or framebuffer support is required, as is libspectrum.
    Created by: Philip Kendall, and others.
    Last updated: July 16th, 2004

    Comments: As well as all the 'standard' features, Fuse also includes support for the RZX input recording format, the +3e, ZXATASP and ZXCF IDE interfaces, the Timex Dock cartridge port and the various printers available for the Spectrum.

    Fuse is released under the GNU General Public License and includes source code. A version is also available for Macintosh OS X.

  • XZX-Pro v4.4

    Emulates: 48K / 128K / +2 / +3 ZX Spectrums, Pentagon, Scorpion, Didaktik.
    Tape/Disk Formats: .sna, .z80, .slt, .dat, .tap, .tzx, .voc, .mdr, .dsk, .trd, .fdi, .scl, .mgt, .img, .d80, .scr, .pok files.
    Requirements: Various - see the XZX-Pro web page.
    Created by: Erik Kunze.
    Last updated: February 10th, 2004

    Comments: Also emulates the Beta 128 interface (with 4 disk drives), the ZX Interface I (with up to 8 Microdrives), the +D interface (with up to 2 disk drives), Kempston Mouse and Sinclair 1/2, Cursor/Protek/AGF and Kempston Joystick Interfaces, the Fuller Audio Box (AY and Joystick) The current distribution is released as shareware, and includes several utilities (EMPTYTRD, HOB2TRD and TRD2HOB) that can be used to manipulate and convert .trd files between different formats. XZX-Pro has native audio support for all supported platforms and has recently been ported to Mac OS X and Darwin.

    Please refer to the Z80 Format page for details of the extensions to the .z80 format supported by XZX-Pro.

  • FBZX v1.4

    Emulates: 48K / 128K / +2 / +2A ZX Spectrums.
    Tape/Disk Formats: Loads and saves .z80, .tap and .tzx files.
    Requirements: Linux system with SDL.
    Created by: Sergio Costas Rodriguez.
    Last updated: January 6th, 2004

    Comments: Also emulates the Kempston, Cursor and Sinclair Joystick Interfaces and the Interface I. Distributed under the GNU General Public License (GPL). Does not emulate contended memory.

  • Glukalka v0.9

    Emulates: 48K / 128K ZX Spectrums, Pentagon 128K and Scorpion ZS 256.
    Tape/Disk Formats: .sna (read only), .z80, .tap, .tzx, .wav, .trd, .scl (read only) and .pok formats.
    Requirements: X11, Motif-compatible library.
    Created by: Dmitry Sanarin.
    Last updated: February 27th, 2004

    Comments: Also emulates the Beta 128 interface (with 4 disk drives) and the Kempston, Sinclair and Cursor Joystick Interfaces. See the Glukalka project page for additional requirements and information. Licensed under the GNU General Public License.

  • ZX Spectrum Emulator for Linux/i386

    Emulates: 48K Spectrum.
    Tape/Disk Formats: Claims to load .z80 and .sna snapshots, but I haven't actually found one which works.
    Requirements: An i386 compatible processor and X11.
    Created by: Jean-François Lozevis.
    Last updated: May 24th, 2004

    Comments: Appears to be rather simple: no border emulation, etc.