Newsgroups & IRC Channels

IRC Channels:
There are 9 Sinclair related IRC Channels:

  • #speccy
    Available via the Astrolink network. You will need to enter 16384 as the Channel Key.

  • #spin
    Available via the Astrolink network. This Channel is operated by Paul Dunn, who along with Mark Boyd and Damien Guard wrote SPIN, one of the most popular emulators available for PC Compatibles. No Channel Key is required.

  • #general & #technical
    These Channels are available available on the World of Spectrum site (click the 'Online-Chat' link), and can be accessed using your web browser. No Channel Key is required using the web interface. If you prefer to use an IRC Client, you will need to enter the following information:

    • Sever Name:
    • Port: 6667
    • Channel Key: 16384

  • #zx
    Available via the Astrolink network. As with #speccy, you will need to enter 16384 as the Channel Key.

If you currently have a News provider, clicking the links below should take you directly to your selected group. Please note that not all News Servers carry all groups, but many are archived on Google Groups:

Mailing Lists:
The following mailing lists are available. Messages will be sent directly to your e-Mail Inbox.

  • Timex TS2068 Mailing List
    Hosted by Yahoo! Groups. An archive of previously posted messages is available.

  • QL Users Mailing List
    Hosted by Quanta (see User Groups), the QL Users Mailing List is intended for discussion of general QL/SMS related topics, news, help, information, etc. Click the above link to join, or visit the Quanta mailing list web page for more information.

  • QL Developers Mailing List
    Hosted by Quanta (see User Groups), the QL Developers Mailing List is intended for discussion related to QL Hardware, QL News and developments, Q40-Linux, etc. Click the above link to join, or visit the Quanta mailing list web page for more information.

User Groups:
Here is a (short) list of the known/active Sinclair User Groups. If you operate or are involved with a Sinclair User group not listed here, please let us know and we'll try to include it during the next revision.

  • Australian Sinclair User Group
    Established in January 2001, the Australian Sinclair User Group, hosted by Yahoo! groups, provides a discussion forum for Australian users of any Sinclair system. It is occasionally possible to arrange purchase and ship items from the UK to Australia by arrangement with the group operator.

  • Club QL International
    Club QL International publishes a monthly newsletter for QL users, which you may receive by standard mail or by e-Mail, with recent copies available from their web site or in their archive area.

  • HCC Sinclair gg
    Reportedly, the largest Sinclair Users Group in Western Europe. This group organises the International Sinclair & Sam Days (ISSD) event, which is always well attended. Details are available on their web site.

  • Quanta
    Quanta (QL Users ANd Tinkerers Association) members will receive a welcome disk outlining the resources available, regular newsletters, etc. and can access to their software library. Quanta has several sub-groups and international affiliates, details of which are available from their web site. In addition, Quanta hosts the two primary QL mailing lists and organises workshops throughout the year.

  • Spectrum User Club
    This is also the page of Sintech, one of the leading suppliers of vintage Sinclair hardware & software today. The Spectrum User Club magazines are available in both English and German. You can contact the Spectrum User Club by mail at:

    Gastaeckerstr. 23,
    70794 Filderstadt,

    Telephone/Fax: 0049-711/775033

  • Timex / Sinclair North American Users Group
    Established in 1991, and still active. Publishes a newsletter (sample online), maintains an e-Mail contacts list and publishes an extensive links collection.

  • ZQA
    Established in December 2002, this is a very new group operated by Jose Moreno and hosted by Yahoo! Groups. ZQA aims to provide a forum for the discussion of any Timex/Sinclair computer or related interest area. Despite being relatively new, membership is quite high, and growing rapidly. Production of a paper-based newsletter is being considered, with all content currently being offered online.

    Operated by Peter Leibert-Adelt, ZX-TEAM is one of the largest and most active ZX81 User Groups in operation today. A bimonthly paper magazine is published. The first issue from summer 1991 is available online from the archive section of the web site. All back-issues are available on cd-rom.

    The ZX-TEAM holds annual meetings (this year was their 7th). If you are interested in attending future events, please contact Peter, or visit the ZX-TEAM website. You can contact the ZX-TEAM by mail at:

    Peter Liebert-Adelt
    ZX Team
    D-38102 Braunschweig

Web Forums:
There are several web forums dedicated to Sinclair related discussions:

  • World of Spectrum
    Several forums are available, including Emulator News & Development, the MIA, STP and SDP projects.

  • RetroChat
    A multi-format forum site, with a (very active) section dedicated to the ZX Spectrum.